Attitude Adjustment: Keys to Living Life on Your Terms is currently available for sale on this website in paperback and eBook format. 


Table of Contents


Knowing- The first step to getting what you want

Making Luck- Beginning the journey

Empowerment magic

Intuition- Value, place and use

Silver Lining

Laying bricks

The Mental dialog

Dare to Choose

Attitude Adjustment


ISBN: 9780982664919




I received Attitude Adjustment as a gift, and expected it to be just another one of those self help books. I was pleasantly surprised as I read through the clearly laid out plan for design the life you want. Dr. Cinéas has provided the blueprint that has helped me design the life I have wanted, wished and prayed for. This book provides more than the gift of a changed life, it has empowered me to do things that I never even imagined. I have made significant improvements in my life since reading Attitude Adjustment and every day I make even more happen.

Elaine S.

In Attitude Adjustment Dr. Cinéas goes further than other personal improvement books and tools have gone. She provides the reader with clear direction to help them design their desired life. This book was excellent in taking account the individual needs of each reader while allowing a more personal connection for every person based on their need. That the book was such an easy read is a definite plus. When I recommend it to client, they can actually read it. It is truly the work of an exceptional therapist.

Dr. Patricia James

I purchased Attitude Adjustment because I felt that I lost the energetic and ambitious young man I used to be to this company man living someone else’s dream. I needed to take charge of my life and my destiny. After eight years in the same position where I was being passed on for promotions, I was promoted within 5 months of implementing my advancement plan. The changes that I have made in my professional life have led to some remarkable changes in my personal life. Attitude adjustment showed me how to look at the world different so that I could take on the role I wanted to play in this world.

Eric L.