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Table of Contents


ABD to Ph.D.

Preparation Begins at Admission

Papers, Comps, QPs and Your Literature Review

Committee selection

Getting the writing done

IRB- Getting your proposal approved 

Research and Data











In Six Months to Doctor, Dr. Cinéas has brought together all the necessary elements for achieving success in completing a dissertation which has altered my view of writing my dissertation as well as my approach. This book serves to elevate my efforts to achieve a life-long dream of completing my dissertation and learning my Ph.D. I highly recommend this book for all doctoral students.

Christopher A. Noe, Ph.D. Candidate

As a person with a masters degree who aspired to apply to a Ph.D program my biggest obstacle was the overwhelming task of having to complete a dissertation. Having heard so many horror stories of starting one much less completing one, I was hard pressed to even begin applying to enter graduate school a second time. However; since coming across the book Six Months to Doctor and being exposed to the strategies that Dr. Cinéas puts forth I now believe that I can indeed “do this” as she so aptly puts it. I would recommend that every doctoral student and those thinking about applying check out this book; as it really is an inspirational source.

—Ruth Ambroise, MSW

Dr. Judi determined to complete her dissertation in record time, and she succeeded. In six Months To Doctor, she combines her own story with lessons learned along the way, especially encouragement and motivation through the snags and emotional pitfalls. She provides practical, focused tips on the process far beyond writing the dissertation itself. Readers will have a better understanding of choosing their committee, dealing with the IRB, and working through the multiple documents to be prepared along the way. If there is a shortcut or an efficient way to save time, money, and frustration, she shares it with her readers. If only I had been able to read this book during my own graduate student days, or could have shared her tips with other doctoral candidates, our paths would have been faster and better defined, clear of obstacles that keep so many students from finishing their degrees. Congratulations, Dr. Judi—you have finished another masterpiece!

—Dr. Evelyn Torrey



"This book was like a dissertation power lunch where I got lots of guidance."


“As I read it I kept saying ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’  I’m definitely using these tools.”